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Meet Tonya Josey

Meet our founder

After more than 25 years of continually advancing my education and striving for excellence in my career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I encountered the daunting challenge of burnout. My dedication to professional development often led me to prioritize my career over my well-being, causing me to feel mentally and emotionally depleted. The rigorous demands of maintaining licensure and excelling professionally can overshadow the critical need for self-care, which is essential for effective support to others.

Despite understanding the significance of self-care, I often found it difficult to balance this with the pressures of my profession. This struggle not only impacted my mental health but also my overall quality of life. Motivated by my own experiences, I established spaces like Thrive & Balance Retreats, where individuals can find a harmonious balance between their professional ambitions and personal well-being. It is vital to integrate these aspects in a manner that nurtures both.

Our retreats are designed to address specific life challenges, fostering a culture where career advancement meets personal health. We explore innovative ways to meld personal growth with professional excellence, ultimately aiming to enhance the resilience and well-being of the mental health workforce.

By investing in our mental health, we not only thrive in our careers but also contribute positively to a healthier, more supportive professional community. I invite you to join us in this journey to cultivate a balanced life, where your career and self-care intersect.

On the lighter side of life, I'm joyfully married with two energetic teenage boys and a big fan of all things furry and four-legged! Our family loves to pack our bags and jet off to new adventures, whether that's marveling at the canals in Amsterdam, soaking up the sun in Greece, or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of French Polynesia. Our passports have stamps from Mexico to Canada and from Nigeria to Jamaica, each destination adding a splash of color and a new story to our family's rich tapestry of memories. Back home, we're often found outdoors, hosting lively gatherings that are as bustling and vibrant as the markets of Haiti. Every day is a new adventure!

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